The new series of RifleChopsticks inherits the key feature of the first generation as a fun and functional gadget, and it also recalls our childhood memories of paying with the rubber band guns that are made from salvaged materials.

The URBAN "Classic" version come with the iconic images from the classic 1972 film "The Godfather", gives the new RifleChopsticks a sleek look.

The URBAN "Modern" version come with the images of nowadays rifles, which gives the new RifleChopsticks a more modern look.

Pick up some rubber bands and cover them on your chopsticks, plucking them with your thumb, then it can be fired up! However, to avoid unnecessary violently striking back, do not make a gun shot to fierce creatures!

Materials: Chopsticks:SPS(150℃)
Chopstick Stand:ABS
Bag:Nylon Fabric

Chopsticks Length:19.5cm
Spoon Length:14.2cm

Product description:
1. Environmentally friendly portable chopsticks with spoon.
2. The materials have passed SGS test.
3. The chopsticks and spoon withstand heat up to 150℃.
4. Cleaning with general method or washing machines.

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